The Body Kitchen w/ Olive + M

The Body Kitchen w/ Olive + M

Hey! Wondering what The Body Kitchen is?

I’ll explain… You know how we all spend a lot of money on creams and serums to make our skin glow? Turns out, you can get that same high-performing glow from the provisions already in your kitchen. In The Body Kitchen, you’ll how to use the power of nature to create a product designed specifically for your skin’s needs. AND you get to grind it up yourself!

The Body Kitchen will be led by the Mariska, the mastermind behind Olive + M, you’ll learn about the secret qualities of food and how to pair ingredients. Last stop, is to whip them together for a product specially made for you and your skin.

When: Thursday, April 20th, 6-8pm

Where: 1102 E Cesar Chavez (this place is awesome)


This event is unique. You’ll spend part of your time learning, part of your time making, and part of your time enjoying drinks and snacks from a few great local vendors. So bring your friend and all your co-workers, because there is room for all in this beautiful garden space.

   Here’s an example of what you’ll make and take home:

  • An exfoliating mask made of strawberries, dried white rice, Greek yogurt, sugar, lime, olive oil
  • A lip scrub with strawberries and sugar
(P.S. this face polish retails for $48, so treat yourself to the experience of making it and feel like a winner)


Want to come? Sign up here:

*No refunds please! We are planning this learnshop with you in mind!