Brunch with The Elephant Table

Brunch with The Elephant Table

Looking for that perfect “icing on the cake” moment to close out your CMBXP experience? Look no further than the delicious brunch brought to you by The Elephant Table. Your mouth is going to water when you see what Beth and Hope have come up with…


An edible centerpiece (can you believe it?!) that includes fruit, nuts and granola, cheeses, honey, and of course, pastries of all kinds

You’ll also get your very own jar of yogurt to create your own parfait!

Main Course

Blue corn crepes filled with handmade ricotta, black pepper bacon, arugula salad, and grilled nectarines. #Yum

Ginger parsnip waffle, crispy chicken confit, poached egg, red onion jam, sunflower sprouts. Delicious.