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Five Fun things 6/23

Happy Friday! Have you been missing the 5 fun things? Let me know if you like this email or if you could care less, I’ll only send it if you like it! Here are some super things to kick of a super weekend: Wildlife Comedy Photography Starry Night painted in black water. Super cool. I

Maker Monday: Samantha Heligman

Meet Sam! She’s a potter and ceramic artist with a gorgeous speckled and smooth style. How did you get started? I started working in Clay in college. I have a BFA in Painting and Photo but had always been down to the wheel. I opted to take a free elective, and then took another and


Five Fun things Friday 5/19

Hola! Happy Friday, I think we’ve all earned this weekend. Here are a few fun things for you this Friday: Story Bar! A really great new concept for Austin and they are a really intriguing party tonight too. Is “woman in meeting” talk a real thing? It’s the second weekend of WEST, didn’t want you


Chalkboard Lettering with Becca Borrelli

A collection of some cool Austin ladies, and one cool Austin guy, gathered to learn chalkboard lettering techniques from charming and enthusiastic sign maker, Becca Borrelli. Becca points out what we love about the handlettered look, it’s the touch of humanity that graces a shop window or grocery aisle. That sense that someone was there. We learn

Maker Monday – Valentina Dorsa

Meet Valentina Dorsa. An Austin local, mom, and super talented painter. Find out what she thinks is the hardest part of being an artist. How did you get started? I was in a middle school art show in Hong Kong and I was hooked! I later went to art school in London, but I’ve properly


Maker Monday – Ender Martos

Meet Ender. Ender Martos takes his art seriously. With precision and thought he creates stunning, light filled installations that’ll make your jaw drop. How did you get started? I grew up in Mérida, Venezuela, a city built in the colorful Andes, which was where my artistic attempts gasped for air. My earliest urge of artistic

Five Fun things Friday 5/5

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Will you be celebrating? Here are five fun things to kick off your weekend: How to make the world’s small cup of coffee. Iconic art gets a modern mash-up. I’m not sure what to say about this, are you a Biggie fan? Cool use of mirrors in architecture, scroll down, they


Maker Monday – Jae Benjamin

Meet Jae. She has a killer apothecary line, and her startup story is awesome. So are her scented candles and deodorant. Read on to find out why she doesn’t mind staying up till 4 in the morning. How did you get started? I started in the Fall of 2014 out of my home, well, my


Five Fun things Friday 4/29

Yahoo!!! I couldn’t be happier it’s Friday. What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m resting my head in a tent tonight and taking a break from civilization. Here are a few fun things for you:   Now and Then photos. Don’t you wonder what you’ll look like at 102? I don’t know about all


The Body Kitchen

Food for your face! 1102 East was the perfect backdrop for all the beautiful kitchen foods presented at this learnshop. Mariska of Olive + M, spent the evening sharing her knowledge of food and how it’s chemical properties can improve the skin.   It’s fun to mash things up, and there’s a sweet rawness to