Chalkboards + Lettering w/ Becca Borrelli

Chalkboards + Lettering w/ Becca Borrelli

Learn chalkboard lettering from Becca Borrelli!

Learn sign making from Becca Borrelli. Sign making involves unique lettering techniques and tricks and using chalkboards and markers. Becca’s lettering has graced the chalkboards of Trader Joe’s and several other local restaurants, and now you can learn how to use this fun medium too!
So here’s how this learnshop will go down…(in a nutshell):

  • Learn 7 lettering techniques
  • Practice said techniques and create some cool word collages
  • Grab your chalkboard
  • Create a cool sign!
  • All materials provided.

We will be using chalkboard markers in this class and not actually chalk, because the effect is better. However, it’s still erasable, so no need to worry about making mistakes or changing your mind.

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becca_borrelliAbout Becca:

Becca Borrelli is an admirer of doodling, lettering, and art teaching. Since graduating with a MA in Art Education from The University of Texas, she has been working as an art teacher at The Contemporary Art School in Austin, and establishing an illustration and sign making business.

She is inspired by the invisible connections between all things, and her work aims to be a playful, bright, and hopeful interpretation of the world’s whimsical and magical sides. She has fallen in love with her hometown in Austin, TX where she spends free time exploring the town with her boyfriend and their super-pup Layla.