Jewelry Design with Britta Ambauen

Jewelry Design with Britta Ambauen


Ever thought about designing your own jewelry line? Then this is the perfect opportunity to get a taste for what it’s like.

Come spend time in jewelry designer Britta Ambauen’s studio and learn some skills to create and design your own piece of jewelry, with a specific focus on etching.


When: Saturday, March 25th, 10-1pm
Where: 1406 Smith Rd, Austin, TX 78721 (Britta’s studio in East Austin!)

Britta will share with you the art of etching in which you can create unique design in a piece of metal by drawing or using textured overlays.


How it works:

We will provide you with some bronze discs to work and practice with. Britta will guide you through some design techniques to sketch out an idea for turning them into a ring, a necklace, or a both! You can etch a one of a kind design onto the disc and either solder it to a band for a ring or fasten it to a chain for a necklace. Seriously the possibilities are wide open.




What you get:

  • 2 bronze discs to etch your art into (or solder, or punch holes into…etc)
  • Guidance in designing your piece (or pieces) of jewelry
  • Instruction on how to etch and use the materials
  • Assistance in finalizing your design
  • A one of a kind piece of jewelry to wear and love

*No refunds please. We plan Learnshops with you in mind
*By signing up you agree to let us use pictures of you from the event

Meet the teacher: Britta Ambauen

jewelry_designBritta says:

“I like making things; jewelry, etchings, leather bags, love, cioppino, dresses, memories, paintings, kombucha, flour-less chocolate tortes, journals, ceramic smoking pipes, salad dressing… and many things yet to be discovered.  I feel so, very grateful to have the opportunity to make things with my hands everyday and share them with others.”